Duties of the Board

Past President
Direct and run the Executive Committee. Provide agenda and run the Executive Committee meeting. Provide direction to the Board on Association matters.

Direct and run the Board members. Provide agenda and run the General Membership meeting. Run the Executive Committee meeting in the absence of Past President. Attend ICC ABM once a year if possible as a representative of NDBOA.

Run General Membership meeting in absence of President and the Executive Committee meeting in the absence of the President and the Past President. Set up for training seminars. Secure trainers from ICC and required training materials. Coordinate location with Regional Representatives or others at the location of the training. Make sure seminar speakers have everything then need for training and introduce them (you can get bio’s from ICC) before training. Make any announcements required to seminar participants such as how lunch is handled, etc. Attend ICC ABM once a year if possible as a representative of NDBOA.
Be in charge of promotional items for the NDBOA.

Pay all bills and run the checkbook and debit cards. Balance the checkbook monthly.
Provide statement of budget and checking account balance for all meetings.
Secure reimbursements from the State of ND or any other entities for all training and other meetings as required.
Training seminars/meetings; Maintain documentation of training seminar registrations, payments and attendance list for reimbursement: Pay for meeting rooms, food, etc. Get supplies for hospitality room and setup same:

Regional Rep
Direct any required activities in their respective areas for the Association as directed by the President or Vice-President.  Bring any subjects of interest up in their area that is of interest to the Association.

Committee Chairmen
Education: Assist the Vice President to come up with ideas for training and coordinate the training facility including location, rooms, set-up, snacks, etc.

Election: Provide the Association with nominations for any open positions for committee’s or board positions and/or which are up for election.

Legislative: Bring all issues of interest of the Association to the attention of the President to address as required. Keep up to date on issues and activities that affect the Association.

Code: Keep abreast of changing code issues. Bring to the attention of the President or Vice President if there are any code issues that the NDBOA should be involved in such as changes, amendments, etc that should be discussed at meetings. Coordinate with the State of ND on code hearings and amendment process.

Agendas should preferably be sent to members for a meeting prior to the meeting for preparation. Roberts’ Rules of Order will be followed for meetings. Any responsibilities or duties of Executive Board members can remain with another Board member on the consecutive following term if such an agreement is made between members and the President or Vice-President.