The North Dakota Building Officials’ Association brings together code officials from throughout the state and provides them opportunities to learn about building codes and their enforcement and to consult with each other on interpretations and applications of these codes to real-life construction issues that arise during day-to-day inspection operations.

If you are attending the 2021 ICC Annual Business Meeting and need a little help with your expenses, please submit your ICC ABM Scholarship Application.   Details are on the form.

Want to become a member of NDBOA or still need to pay your dues?  Download our membership application now!

The list of people who have passed the North Dakota reciprocal mechanical exams has been posted and updated through the end of April, 2021–four years and well over 350 successful candidates!  The list is searchable and can be sorted by column.  Please let us know if we’ve missed someone or if you have new results that need to be updated.

The State of North Dakota has adopted 2018 International Codes.  The codes and their amendments went into effect January 1, 2020.  You can find information on state amendments on the State Building Code page.

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