September 10, 2014 General Membership Meeting Minutes

September 10, 2014 Fargo ND

Meeting Called to order by Christine Rose

Roll Call: Christine Rose, President; Todd Johnson’ Past President; Steve Johnson, Vice President; Shawn Ouradnik, Secretary/Treasurer; Ron Fettig, (NW rep.); Doug Lalim, (SW Rep.); Gary Klundt, (SE Rep.); Darrel Zaback (At-Large); Scott Boura (NE Rep)

Absent: All Present

Minuets from July 30, 2014, were distributed. Upon review some mistakes were caught and need to be changed: Change high school scholarship amount from $2500 to $2000, change the number of scholarships from 1 to 2, and use last names in minutes. Motion by Todd Johnson to approve with changes, Second Steve Johnson. Motion passed

Treasurer’s Report: Read by Shawn Ouradnik. Shawn is to check figures and resubmit. Motion by Mark Housh to approve, second Shawn Ouradnik. Motion passed

Education Committee Report:
A: Fall seminar in Fargo on September 11th and 12 to be Legal aspects and Ethics for Building Departments and IBC Advanced Means of Egress with Steve Thomas as instructor for both days.

B: 2015 spring seminar to be held in Bismarck on March 18, 19, and 20 with a 2 day course on Non Structural Plan Reviews. Doug Thornberg is to be the instructor.

C: 2015 fall seminar location to be on western end of state. Possible locations are Minot, Dickinson, or Medora. Possible topics to be 2015 Significant Changes and Steve Johnson to look into locations. Mel Zent expressed sentiment and interest in seminar being held in Dickinson, and explained that Medora would have limited possibilities at if the seminar was to be held in mid to late September.

Legislative Committee: No Report Christine Rose is to ask Ray Zeigler to be chair of legislative committee.

Historical Committee Report: Discussion on Lifetime Honorary memberships Richard Barta, Darrell Linnertz and Jim Weight to be permanent. Todd Johnson
made a motion to make Richard Barta, Darrell Linnertz and Jim Weight Lifetime Honorary memberships permanent, 2nd from Darrel Zaback. Motion passed

Region III Rep: Rick Hauffe spoke and thanked NDBOA for having him to the meeting. He also congratulated the chapter on having the first High School Outreach program for the chapter. He discussed how the aging of our current building code enforcement officials was going to affect the building departments and how it could be addressed in the future. He discussed the Annual Business Meeting (ABM) in Fort Lauderdale Florida on September 27 to October 5. The Region III meet and greet is to be held at the Bimini Boat House in Fort Lauderdale and gave a breakdown of the structure of the meetings for the ABM. He explained the CDP access voting and how it will potentially work and that it could be done. He then discussed current ICC business to the grope. Ron Fettig made comments on the future process of code adoption and expresses his concern on moving to a six year cycle. Mel Zent commented that the National Home Builders Association would be in favor of a six year cycle. Ron Fettig also asked about the general outcome of ICC discussions on code cycles. Richard Hauffe informed us that the ICC is looking into many ways to addresses the code cycles and no decision has been made at this time.

State of ND Rep: Bruce Hagen not in attendance Rory Hoffman gave report in Bruce’s place. Bruce Hagen will have a conference call with the ND Advisory Committee in late September, if any questions or comments are to be made pleas get them to Bruce as soon as possible. The conflict between the ICC Annual Business Meeting and the conference call was brought to everyone’s attention and may complicate the participation in the call. Rory Hoffman also commented that new mobile homes need to be approved by licensed inspector and set up by licensed installers. All the required information is on the state website.

Old Business: A: Todd Johnson spoke about the Mechanical Committee and recommended that the committee members are forever unless they need or want to be taken off. Darrel Zaback is to be the chair. The committee held a meeting on September 10 at 11:00 am to discuss what the test will include as well as how to address continuing education.

New Business: A: The promotional binders were given out at the seminar on September 11 and 12.

B: 3 positions to expire in December of 2014.Will allow the current representatives from the North West, South East, and the At-Large to renew terms. Ron Fettig, representing the nominating committee, nominated NW Gary Klundt, (SE Rep.) 2 year position Shawn Ouradnik made a motion to accept Todd Johnson second motion passed, Darrel Zaback (At-Large) 1 year position, Scott Boura made a motion to accept and Steve Johnson second motion passed. Ron Fettig, (NW rep.) 2 year position, Todd Johnson made a motion to accept Mel Zent second motion passed

C: 2015 seminars to be held in Bismarck on March 18, 19, & 20. Doug Thornburg will be the instructor for the two day course on the IBC Nonstructural plans review. A block of rooms at the Comfort Inn in Bismarck has been set aside and the meeting rooms have been booked. Food needs to be looked into and Doug Lalim was asked to do so.

D: Web site needs to be updated. Shawn Ouradnik will get the minutes and Bismarck information to Christine Rose to give to the web administrator as soon as possible.

E: Invitations will need to be mailed out in early January to meet 8 week deadline.

F:The ABM scholarships were awarded to Brady Blaskowski and Todd Johnson.

G: Christine Rose discussed High school outreach program. We will offer two $1000 scholarships to or we will combine the two scholarships into one $2000 scholarship, to be used for trade collage.

H: John Gunkleman Sate Representative for the National Home Builders Association Executive Board addressed the group. He discussed CDP voting and how the NHBA could help in the processes. Gave a handout to the group on the ICC code development process. Ron Fettig expressed concern with the six year cycle for code adoption. Rick Hauffe commented on how the code adoption process works in North Dakota with respect to other states.

Correspondence and Announcements:

Adjournment: Motion to adjourn from Todd Johnson second from Bruce Taralson.
Meeting adjourned.