March 18, 2015 General Membership Meeting Minutes

Meeting Called to order by Christine Rose

Roll Call: Christine Rose, President; Todd Johnson’ Past President; Steve Johnson, Vice President; Shawn Ouradnik, Secretary/Treasurer; Ron Fettig, (NW rep.); Doug Lalim, (SW Rep.); Gary Klundt, (SE Rep.); Darrel Zaback (At-Large); Scott Boura (NE Rep)

Absent: None

Minuets from September 10th in Fargo were distributed. Todd Johnson made a motion to accept minuets Darrel Zaback 2nd. Approved.

Treasurer’s Report:
Read by Shawn Ouradnik. Darrel Zaback made a motion to approve the treasurer’s report. Mark Lange 2nd. Approved

Education Committee Report:
A: Steve Johnson reported on Bismarck conference. Bismarck was a two day seminar on 2012 Performing Nonstructural Plan Reviews Presented by Michael Giachetti. Michael Giachetti will be replacing Doug Thornburg as instructor in Bismarck.

B: Fall training to be held in Medora; suggestions for the training were IRC preforming residential inspections, and town house inspections courses. Steve Johnson will look into classes and schedule.

C: Spring 2016 meeting to be held in Minot at the Sleep Inn in March 2-3-4 tentatively.

Legislative Committee:
Ray Ziegler reported a quiet session.

Historical Committee Report:
No Report. Discussion was had about the three horary memberships extended to Jim Weight, Rich Barta, and Darrel Linnertz

Mechanical Committee Report:
Darrel Zaback reported on meeting held on March 18th at ten o’clock in Comfort Suites meeting room. The group went over how to communicate between offices and how to administer the test. Most issues resolved. The need to have a permanent committee in place was discussed and committee members will be appointed by the president as needed according to the by laws. The test will be changed every code cycle and 3 tests for Journey Man status and 3 tests for Master status will be maintained. Administrative issues were tabled and will be resolved at a later meeting. Ray Ziegler did not get the last correspondence for the 10 o’clock meeting; this issue will be resolved for future meetings. The next meeting may be held in April in Jamestown.

ICC Rep:
Rick Hauffe ICC representative reported on his role in ICC. He has been giving presentations to city councils in his area to stress the importance of codes. Reported that May is building safety month. Rich Hauffe also stressed his desire to have the NDBOA draft a proclamation about the need for codes and deliver it to our Governor. South Dakota code adoption process was discussed. ICC will be putting out a new book on solar power. Mel Zent asked Rick about the 2015 IECC and its amendments. Rich answered that 75% of what was wanted in the 2015 code was adopted and this may cut cost for builders. He expressed the opinion that the 2015 codes are being billed as a breakthrough.

State of ND Rep:
Bruce Hagen discussed upcoming manufactured home training in March, April, and May and by the end of May all installers/inspectors should be reported, currently the state has 162 licensed installers and 32 licensed inspectors. He reported that the state’s first case of installing without a license was reported and investigated with further action to take place. Mel Zent commented that a decline in numbers for installations was trending. Code adoption was discussed and Bruce went over the process of code adoption with a time line.

Amendments can be submitted until the public hearing in July. The state then holds and adoption meeting in September, with an adoption date of January 1 2017. The location of the meeting has yet to be determined. New Mexico has applied to be a member of the third party inspection group. Inspectors are to let Bruce know of any issues with labels on mobile homes.

HBA Executive Officer:
Dot Frank the Bismarck/Mandan HBA addressed the group. She handed out a information packet for electronic voting for the ICC. She spoke on the needs of municipalities to get involved in the electronic voting. She expressed her appreciation to the NDBOA for allowing her to speak and working with the HBA. She also expressed that 25% of the cost of a home is due to codes and how it is important for code enforcers to effect change.

Old Business:
A: Steve Johnson reported on Bismarck conference. Bismarck was a two day seminar on 2012 Performing Nonstructural Plan Reviews Presented by Michael Giachetti. Michael Giachetti will be replacing Doug Thornburg as instructor in Bismarck.

B: Shawn Ouradnik reported on the current mailing list and seminar numbers. On the mailing list we have 408 people, 124 paid and in good standing, 55 attending the conference in Bismarck. The group will look into the returned invitations from the post office and see if the group ion the general meeting can give information on individuals that were supposed to receive them and update the mailing list.

New Business:
A: Christine Rose and Steve Johnson will look into promotional items such as shirts, vests, or other items. The allowance went up from $2000 to $2500.

B: NDBOA scholarships for local NDBOA were discussed and the group decided to put the information on the website for any jurisdiction that may want to apply. Scholarship would include seminar dues and year membership.

C: High School scholarship discussion was had. Two students applied for scholarship; Garret Goldwater and Haley Hugelen, both to be awarded $1000 for trade school. Group will publicize it in local papers. New scholarship for 2016-17 school year will be discussed latter.

D: The application for the ICC scholarship for the ABM will be on the website and all applications need to be in by July 1st.

J: Spring 2016 meeting proposed to be in Minot at the Sleep Inn, Darrel Zaback is going to look into booking.

Correspondence and Announcements:

Mel Zent moved for adjournment, Darrel Zaback 2nd, motion approved.