April 2, 2014 Executive Board Minutes

Meeting Called to order by Todd Johnson

Roll Call: Christine Rose, President; Todd Johnson’ Past President; Steve Johnson, Vice President; Shawn Ouradnik, Secretary/Treasurer; Ron Fettig, (NW rep.); Doug Lalim, (SW Rep.); Gary Klundt, (SE Rep.); Darrel Zaback (At-Large)

Absent: Scott Boura (NE Rep)

Treasurer’s Report: Read by Shawn Ouradnik Motion by Darrel Zaback to approve, Second Steve Johnson

Minutes from Sep 18, 2013, were distributed. Motion by Todd Johnson to approve, second Shawn Ouradnik

Education Committee Report: Steve discussion about 2014 fall meeting to be in Fargo Sep 10, 11, 12 with topics to be Legal aspects and Means of Egress. Location on western side of state for future seminars to be discussed later. Minot tentative dates to be Sep. 16, 17, 18 2015 March 2015 possible in Bismarck. Christine discussed the high school outreach program to be held in Fargo on September 11 with possibility of more possibly in Jamestown or Minot.

Legislative Committee: Discussion on allowing Ray Zeigler to be part of committee again after becoming Building Official of Burleigh County.

Historical Committee Report: Todd reported retirement party went well. Richard Barta, Darrell Linnertz and Jim Weight were given honorary memberships.

Nominating Committee: Terms for reps. No new nominations. Todd discussed need to change term expirations for Ron Fettig, Gary Klundt, and Darrell Zaback from 2016 to 2014.

Region III Rep: Not in Attendance

ICC Rep: Not in Attendance

State of ND Rep: Bruce discussed manufactured homes in McKenzie County, may need stickers specific to county.

Old Business:
A: Fargo Seminar on Advanced means of egress and Legal aspects

B: Christine discussed High school outreach program. We will pay for lunch and possible promotional items. Progam will include classes on soft skills, why we have code, plans and then a job fair will be held. Budget for program discussed, not made yet.

C: 2015 seminars to be held in Bismarck on March 18, 19,20, Shawn will call about Comfort Inn availability.

New Business:
A: Mechanical reciprocal licenses discussed with overview of meeting prior to executive meeting taken by Christine. Discussion on forming state boards for building and mechanical licensing, decided to keep it more local and uniform. Nominations for Mechanical licensing committee to be e-mailed to Christine.

B: Need to switch dates for term expirations for Ron Fettig, Gary Klundt, and Darrell Zaback from 2016 to 2014.

C: No committee updates. Need to update Shawn’s information on web site.

D: Bought 5 IBC and 5 IRC code books to be sold. Buyer does not have to be NDBOA member and will be sold for our cost.

E: High school outreach program budget discussed. Will allocate $2500 dollars for promotional items for program. May ask state for assistance with cost of program.

F: Scholarship 2014 ICC annual meeting discussed will be offering two scholarships again this year. Need to apply for ICC scholarship to qualify.

Adjournment: Motion by Darrell Zaback second by Shawn Ouradnik