October 3, 2012 General Membership Meeting

Meeting called to order by Todd Johnson, President.

Roll Call:  Todd Johnson, President; Bruce Taralson, Past President; Steve Johnson, Secretary/Treasurer; Ron Fettig (NW Rep); Richard Barta (SW Rep); Darrel Zaback (At Large);  Gary Klundt (SE Rep);

Absent:  Paul Arends (NE Rep).

Minutes from March 7, 2012, were reviewed.  Motion by Rich Barta to approve, seconded by Darrel Zaback.

Treasurer’s Report:  Read by Steve Johnson.  Motion by Bruce T. to approve, seconded by Shawn Ouradnick.

Education Committee Report:  Todd Johnson reported that the spring meeting will be in Minot on the 2012 Mechanical Code Update and the 2012 Fuel Gas code update.  The fall 2013 meeting topics will be the Energy Code update and IRC framing.

Legislative Committee Report:  No report.

History Committee Report:  Bruce Taralson will get advice from Ray Ziegler, Rich Barta, Ron Strand and Mel Zent on nominations for honorary membership.

Nominating Chairman:  Ron Strand will submit nominations for the Vice President position and the NE rep Executive Committee.

Region III Rep:  Ron Hoover requested nominations for Trainer/Instructor of the Year.  He suggested ways for the general membership to participate in the code development process (CDP) access and also discussed the upgrading of the ICC website.

ICC Government Relations Rep:  Rick Hauffe discussed educational and scholarship projects.  High school students would have training projects similar to a trade school course or a mentoring program that would help educate students about code requirements. The ICC and fire marshals have a crowd manager training program that will manage a crowd in a panic situation.  He also discussed the upcoming ICC Portland, Annual Conference.

State of ND Rep:  Bruce Hagen discussed the legislative process for the 2012 Building Code adoption and the Building Code Advisory Committee will discuss at their March meeting.  There is a 12/5/12 deadline for submitting legislation.

Old Business:  The Fargo seminar topics shall be 2012 IRC and IBC significant changes.  The 2013 spring meeting will be held in Minot at the Sleep Inn on March 6-8 with the topics to be the 2012 Mechanical Code update and the Fuel Gas code update.  The 2013 fall meeting will be at the Comfort Inn, Bismarck, with dates to be announced at a later date.  The topics will be the 2012 Energy Code update and IRC framing.

Membership Dues:  As per Todd Johnson’s letter regarding proposed changes, dues will be $30 if paid by March 1, each year and $50 if paid after March 1, each year. The By-Law changes were discussed.  A membership vote was conducted and passed unanimously. Motion to approve changes in the by-laws by Bruce Taralson, seconded by Ray Ziegler.  Motion carried unanimously.

New Business:

A.    Ron Strand, nominating chairman, announced that the nominating committee voted 2 to 1 to nominate Chris Rose for the vacant Vice President position.  Ray Ziegler nominated Shawn Ouradnick for Vice President.  Todd Johnson asked for a vote by the membership.  Following said vote, Chris Rose was elected Vice President by a 16 to 5 vote.
B.    Ron Strand nominated Scott Boura of Grafton to fill the NE Rep Executive Committee position.  Seconded by Bruce Taralson.  Todd Johnson. called for a vote by the membership.  Scott Boura was unanimously elected.
C.    Todd Johnson was nominated to the ND State Building Code Advisory Committee by Richard Barta, seconded by Ron Strand.  Following a membership vote, Todd Johnson was unanimously elected to the ND State Building Code Advisory Committee.
D.    Manufactured Homes Installation Committee Member Appointment.  Motion by Richard Barta, seconded by Jerome Miller to appoint Mel Zent and Ray Ziegler to the committee.  Motion Passed unanimously.  Rory Hoffman discussed manufactured home program details
E.    Tumblers and writing pads were distributed to members at the seminar.
F.    ND State Mechanical Licensing.  Darrell Zaback has formed a committee to study licensing procedures. There is a 12/5/12 deadline to submit legislation.
G.    Doreen Reidman of the ND Association of Builders discussed the 2012 code review and approval process.  Since the 2009 code was only adopted in 2011, NDAOB feels that the SBCAC should focus on training and enforcing the existing code before considering adopting a new code.  Jason Eide from Fargo requested that the 2012 code not be adopted.  He feels jurisdictions need more time to review and update the existing codes.   Ron Strand stated that skipping a code cycle would not be in the best interests of the ND Building Officials Association and recommended moving forward with the 2012 code review and approval process. Ray Ziegler stated that continuing the code cycle would be the right thing to do.
After further discussion, a motion was made by Rich Barta, seconded by Ron Strand to continue the review and approval process of the 2012 International Building Code.  Motion passed unanimously.  Todd Johnson, President, will write a letter to the ND State Building Code Advisory Committee stating the position of the NDBOA.

Correspondence and Announcements:  Chris Rose was sworn in as Vice President.

Adjournment:  Motion by Bruce Taralson, seconded by Darrel Zaback.

Steve Johnson