October 5, 2011 General Membership Meeting

Meeting called to order by Bruce Taralson

Roll Call – Ray Ziegler (Past President), Bruce Taralson (President), Todd Johnson (Vice President), Chris Johnson (Secretary/Treasure), Paul Arends (NE Rep), Ron Fettig (NW Rep), Richard Barta (SW Rep), Darrel Zaback (At Large), Gary Klundt(SE Rep)

Also Present: Richard Haufe (ICC Representative)

Minutes from March 2011 passed out – Richard B. – 1st / Darrel Z. – 2nd App.


  • Treasures Report: read by Chris J. – Mark – 1st / Todd J. – 2nd

Committee Reports:

  • Education Committee – March 2012 seminars were discussed, location to be held in Grand Forks, ND (Come On Inn)
  • Day One: Zoning Issues
    Day Two: Nonstructural / Fire & Life Safety Issues

  • Legislative Committee: None at this time.
  • Historical Committee: There was discussion on recognition of building inspectors/officials retiring from the trade. Mel Zent – Chair
  • Code Committee: None at this time.
  • Region III: None at this time.
  • ICC Rep: New ICC representative Richard Haufe, Regional Manager and Professional Liaison for the NDBOA. Introduction.
  • State of North Dakota Rep Bruce Hagan updates on the Energy code and enforcement being done in the state. He also discussed 3rd-party inspections on Mobile Home Housing, some being brought in w/out inspections. Jurisdictions to be on the look out for these.

Old Business – Fall meeting of 2011 in Bismarck, ND October 5th – 7th

  • Seminars to include, at the fall October 2011 meeting, Accessibility and IRC Multifamily Construction
  • Spring meeting of 2012 will be held in Grand Forks, ND. No topics have been decided at this time. Will be posted on our web page at a later date. ndboa.org.
  • Membership dues: Will be sent out in January 2012 for the year. Dues received by March 1stwill be 30 dollars and any received after that will be 50 dollars.
  • All committees will be looked at and updated to have more involvement from the committee members.

New Business:

  • Promotional Items: Vest and Cuzis were handed out at the October, 2011 seminar to those who attended. Polos with NDBOA logo on them was determined to be the next promotional item to be ordered.
  • New Officers: Richard Haufe (ICC Rep) handed out pins for president (Bruce Taralson) and Past President (Ray Ziegler). Also, handed out were NDBOA plaques for the current officers. New officers were voted in at this time also: President – Todd Johnson, Vice President – Chris Johnson, Secretary/Treasurer – Steve Johnson, Bruce Taralson become the current Past President
  • Legislative Actions: Bruce Hagan from the North Dakota Department of Commerce will put the NDBOA on an email list that will be distributed our prior to the bills being voted on. This will give members more time to stay current on what bills are being voted on and discussed at the legislative hearings. There needs to be more activity on the Legislative Committee.
  • Website: Officers need to become more involved in the use and updates on the website. Use it more for promoting our association.
  • Fall Meeting October 2012 to be held in Fargo.  Tradeshow to be put on by Christine Rose.
  • ICC Grant to ABM: Bruce Taralson was selected from the ICC to receive a grant to the 2011 ABM in Arizona. The NDBOA has also decided to pay for 4 members to go to the annual code adoption committees.

Chris Johnson