October 6, 2010 General Membership Meeting

Meeting called to Order by Bruce T.

Roll Call – Ray Ziegler (Past President) Bruce Taralson (President), Todd Johnson (Vice President), Chris Johnson (Secretary Treasure), Gary Klundt (SW Rep), Darrel Zaback (At- Large), Ron Fettig (NW Rep), Rich Barta (SW Rep.)
Absent – Paul Arends (NE Rep)
Others Present – Ron Hoover (ICC), Bruce Hagan and Rory Hoffman (Department of Commerce)

March 10, 2010 general meeting were passed out to everyone. A motion was made by Richard B. and a 2nd by Darrel Z. Motion Passed.

Treasures Report
Read by Chris J. Call for approval, Motion Rich B., Darrel Z. 2nd, Motion passed.

Committee Reports
Historical – Ray Ziegler – No new discussion
Education – Todd Johnson – Topics discussed see education report below
Legislative – Richard Barta – Bill 1330 – Architectural drawings
Code – Ray Ziegler – No new discussion

Region III / ICC Representative
Ron Hoover gave a brief tutorial on ICC as an association and how they are doing. He also discussed and explained more about the scholarship program from ICC “Keep applying for them.” He also thanked the NDBOA for supporting the Amendments to the By-laws.

ND State Representative
Bruce Hagan discussed energy training. See new business.

Education Committee Report
Addressed by Todd J he stated the topics for the March 9-11, 2011, in Minot at the Sleep Inn, meeting would be 2009 International Fuel Gas & Mechanical Code and Amendments to the State Building Code.

Old Business
Fall meeting to be held in Minot March, 9th – 11th, 2011. Education topics will be 2009 International Fuel Gas Code/Mechanical Code and Amendments to the State building code.

Website Updates
Bruce T. handed out a website design update, this was to contract to Melissa Gaulrapp to update and manage our NDBOA website. Any comments or suggestions on the new website to be submitted to Bruce T, he will be in contact with Melissa for the updates. The domain has been changed from .com to .org.
Ron Hoover (ICC representative) made the suggestion that any email questions/comments to ICC should be copied to his ICC email also. (rhoover@iccsafe.org)

Trade show was a success! It was a good turnout for vendors and attendees. A big thank you goes out to Christine Rose for putting all her hard work into the trade show.

New Business
Bruce Hagen is the new contact for the state on energy training. Six sites to be chosen in the state for education on energy training not all locations have been decided on at this point. Tentative schedule dates and location in Bismarck January 19th & 20th. Motion made by Ron Strand and 2nd by Doug Desotel.

It was decided to order promotional coffee mugs and travel mugs with the NDBOA logo. Motion was made by Bruce T. and 2nd by Todd J. – Motion passed

Fall, 2011 seminar will be in Bismarck in October

Nomination committee for the Northwest and Southwest Representative was discussed; it was be put to nominations and a vote in the general membership meeting. Ron Fettig and Gary Klundt were voted in as Northwest Representative and Southeast Representative respectively. All were in favor for reelection. Motion passed

ICC Amendment 1 – 2010 ?????????

State Code Adoption – ???????

Correspondence and Announcements

Adjournment – Motion to adjourn made by Garry K. and 2nd Richard B.

Respectfully Submitted,
Chris Johnson
Secretary/ Treasurer