October 11, 2000 General Membership Meeting

Jerry Ratzlaff called the meeting to order at 3:00 p.m. and roll call of the officers including Rich Barta, Bob Brungardt, Mel Zent, Doug Lalim, Mark Lange, Ron Strand and Roland Belgarde.

The minutes were handed out from the Jamestown meeting of March 2000 and the executive meeting that was held in June in Washburn. Rich Barta made a motion to accept minutes. Bob Brungardt seconded the notion. The motion was carried.

A motion was made by Rich Barta to accept the financial report and Bob Brungardt seconded. The motion was carried. Rich Gray wanted to explore CD’s for the large balance that was carried, however Ron had already explored that option and the profits didn’t pan out.

Executive committees’ report was given by Roland including an explanation of active members and associate members. The review was to determine voting rights of active members.

As discussed in the executive meeting the next meeting will not be in Devils Lake but in Fargo on February 28 – March 2. The topics are to be announced.

NDBOA pins were passed out and there were no complaints. A short NDBOA website discussion took place. The site is still being worked. Who will keep it updated? Rich Gray suggested an engineer from his office and he’ll get the information to Jerry.

The date for the annual meeting in October is still being discussed. The place is Minot and it’ll be the first part of the month. Rich Gray mentioned two other soon to be (one day) annual meetings. The one held in January will be in Bismarck and the one in August will be in Devils Lake. The invitation will set dates and subjects. The training for the one-day education will be very informal and mostly a chance to sit down and discuss local problems.

Ron Strand turned in his resignation letter and the nominating committee later made the decision that Chris Rose will take over the rest of the term as sec/tres. Rich Gray made a motion for a unanimous ballot and Rich Barta seconded no one was opposed and the motion was carried. The election of regional representatives was held. Bob Miller was elected the at large member. That is a one-year term. Doug Lalim was elected the NW representative; Jim Waite was elected the SE representative for 2-year terms.

Doreen Mehloff with the North Dakota HomeBuilders Association wanted to establish a positive relationship between her association and NDBOA. She thinks it’s a wonderful idea to get together and she’ll get back to Jerry on some good dates.

Ed Karsky pushed to begin to promote the International Codes in the next Legislature and wanted to be sure it’s on the agenda for the next meeting so he knows where NDBOA stands on the issues. He’d like us all to be on the same page with the next legislation.

A lengthy discussion was held (by the members) concerning adoption of the International Codes excluding the Electrical and Plumbing.Ron Strand is a vocal proponent is supporting the International codes he believes that we need to adopt a code set and there is no other feasible set. Ron also believes that NDBOA is the authority to take a stance on accepting the code set. Doreen Mehloff is keeping an open mind on the code adoption. Her association is looking for a possible comparison, to avoid a battle. Doreen also questioned if we adopt all but the electrical and plumbing, if the codes are supposed to work together, where does that bring us. Ron mentioned that the technical review committee would have to come to an agreement and try not to clash with each other’s codes. Don Offerdahl believes they’ll be liability issues if the entire set is not adopted. The Electrical Board meets on Nov. 15, 2000 and that will be discussed. Rich Gray sent a chart on some comparisons and Ron believes a joint effort is important so we all learn together but this is the viable code to go with. Ed Karsky made a motion to support the International Family of Codes excluding Electrical and Plumbing and Doug seconded no one opposed and motion was carried. Additionally the executive committee needs to discuss sending a representative to the legislative hearing, with a possibility of getting together late November before the meeting in December.

Jerry Ratzlaff would like to free up some money locally for a media campaign possibly a thank you letter in the papers to the contractors. Mentioning their cooperation during and after the flood in Fargo and the storm in Devils Lake. Don Offerdahl mentioned electrical safety month and wanted to possibly incorporating hiring licensed and bonded electricians. National Safety month is in April and Ed Karsky thinks that’s not a bad idea and he’d check into it.

The National meeting went well. Ron mentioned that it was too much information to fast and not enough time for consideration before voting. The outcome of the voting was unknown because it was a closed ballot.

Jerry mentioned that he had guidelines on what to do for dangerous and abandoned buildings. Don wanted to be sure everyone was invited to the 40th annual National Electrical meeting at the Seven Seas in Dickinson.

A motion was made by Rich Gray to adjourn the meeting and 2nd by Bob Miller.

Respectfully submitted
Chris Rose