October 22, 2002 General Membership Meeting

The meeting was called order by President Mark Lange at 1:10 pm. Roll call of The roll call of officers revealed that all were present except Gary Martinson of the NE region and Vice President Mel Zent. There were a total of 21 members present.

The minutes of the general membership meeting of March 6, 2002 were reviewed. A Ray Ziegler made a motion to approve these minutes Roland Belgarde seconded the motion. With no one in opposition, the motion was declared carried.

Christine Rose gave a short explanation of the treasurer’s report. Bruce Taralson made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report Richard Barta seconded the motion. With no one in opposition, the motion was declared carried.

Jerry Ratzlaff announced that, during the Executive Committee meeting, approval was given to pay Melissa Bjerken $100.00 for helping Chris Rose with the web page.

Richard Barta, chairperson of the Legislative Committee had nothing to report. Barta also reported that there were presently no new bills before the Legislature at this time in which we would be interested. Doreen Mehlhoff expressed her concern that the Third Party Inspection Program was passed as a mandatory program. Her concern was that she had been of the opinion that the program was to be voluntary. She said the bill reads as if it could be either mandatory or voluntary. She asked for comments from others present. Don Offerdahl expressed his opinion that the program is optional to use, if mandatory there would have been people who would have objected. It was originally not intended to be mandatory. Ron Strand said the bill included both voluntary and compulsory components. It is voluntary for manufacturers in that a manufacturer could elect to be a part of the program or not. It was mandatory in that jurisdictions were required to accept certified units. Don asked if people would have been in favor had they known it was mandatory? Don said he thought that Rich Gray would go back to leg to make Third Party Inspection mandatory. Jack Skaley made the point that some plants in Canada use Third Party requirements from Minnesota and don’t like it. They’d rather use local jurisdictions requirements.

Chairperson of the Education Committee Mel Zent is not present. Mark Lange wanted to announce we have Brent Snyder here to review Chapter 3 of the IRC at this seminar.

Chairperson of the Historical Committee Richard Barta had nothing to report.

Mark Lange wanted to thank Chris Rose for her work on the web page and asked if there were any suggestions from others to please let her know. He also wanted to announce that the retirement party will be held Wednesday evening at the Elks Club at 7:00.

Mark Lange thanked Rich Gray and Ron Strand for their efforts during the state adoption of the I Codes.

The March Mid-year meeting will be held on March 5-7 in Fargo. Speakers will be Ron Strand and Ron Bell.

There was no other old business.

New business. Mr. Belgarde made a motion to hold next year’s annual business meeting on October 22-24, 2003. Mr. Lalim seconded the motion, with no one in opposition the motion was declared carried. Mr. Barta made a motion to hold the annual business meeting in Minot. Mr. Belgrade seconded. With no one in opposition the motion was declared carried. Mr. Strand made a motion that the Executive Committee choose the subject. Mr. Lalim seconded, with no one in opposition the motion was declared carried. There were two suggestions made for subjects, either a mechanical seminar or life safety seminar.

Ron Strand reported as chairman of the Nominating Committee that there are two terms expiring, Doug Lalim’s as NW regional representative, and Jim Weight’s as SE regional representative, both are two year terms. On behalf of the Nominating Committee Strand made a motion to reelect Doug Lalim for another two year term. Richard Barta seconded, with no one in opposition Doug Lalim was unanimously elected. On behalf of the Nominating Committee, Ron Strand made a motion for Gary Klundt to serve a 2 year term as SE regional representative. Richard Barta seconded, with no one in opposition Gary Klundt was unanimously elected.

Doug Lalim shared some of his thoughts about the ICC Annual Business Meeting held in Fort Worth in September. He said that the best parts of the meeting were the training that was offered, perusing the vendors, and exchanging ideas with building officials from other states. It was a good experience listening to all the testimony from other interest groups.

Rich Barta added that he found it interesting that many of the proposed amendments to the codes seemed to agree with the amendments we made to our state code.

The merger was finalized among ICBO, BOCA and SBCCI at this meeting. All are now simply the International Code Council (ICC).

Bill Wall said that the chapter president should designate someone else to sit in on the chapter breakfast at the Annual Business Meeting if the President is not going to attend.

Mark Lange thanked Ron in advance for his agreement to emcee the retirement banquet.

A motion to adjourn was made by Jerome Miller and seconded by Bob Miller. With no one in opposition the meeting was adjourned at 1:40pm.

Respectfully submitted;
Chris Rose
Secretary/Treasurer, NDBOA