March 6, 2002 General Membership Meeting

The meeting was called to order by Mr. Lange at 3:00pm. A roll call of officers included: Mark Lange, Mel Zent, Chris Rose, Gary Martinson, Doug Lalim, Ray Ziegler, Jim Weight, and Richard Barta. Not present Jerry Ratzlaff. In addition there were 27 members present.

The regular meeting minutes of the January 16, 2002 and October 17, 2001 were reviewed. There was one correction on page 3 which is that state rules for third party inspections on prefabricated construction came from standards from 8 states not the Eight State Standards. With that correction Mr. Weight made a motion to approve the minutes and Richard Barta seconded. With no one in opposition the motion was declared carried.

There was a brief explanation of some of the lines on the financial statement. Mr. Lange explained that there were donations accepted from the Bismarck/Mandan home builders Association. Mr. Strand expressed concern about accepting donations and that if our association wanted to do another joint seminar we should have the other association pay part of the bill rather than accepting a check. Richard Barta made a motion to accept the financial statement. Roland Belgarde seconded. With no one in opposition the motion was declared carried.

Quests. Ron Nienaber and Greg Johnson, our chapter liaisons to ICBO and Sandy Washek of the State Health Department were also present with Sandy appearing as the Associations guest speaker.

Sandy Washek from the North Dakota Department of Health Environmental Health Section appeared as a guest speaker. She wanted to explain proposed amendments to the North Dakota Air Pollution Control Rules and State Implementation as well as answer any questions we might have on those subjects. There is a public hearing scheduled for April 19, 2002 in Bismarck. Building Officials should review these rules. Abatement does not mean renovation or remodeling. So it should not be defined as abatement. Public hearing on April 19 will be here in Bismarck. State will regulate all workers. Those who do abatement work will have clearance inspections to be sure asbestos and lead base paint does not exist. Health department has added a notification rule so the Health department can do inspections on renovations. EPA certifications will be grandfathered by the state and EPA will take over certification and updates.

Committee Reports:
The Chairperson for the Education Committee Mel Zent gave a description of the two seminars to be presented on Thursday and Friday. He also informed the association of the ICBO rates, which are $3200.00, for both days and an additional $32.50 per person, per day.

Richard Barta the Chairperson for the Historical and the Legislative Committee had nothing to report.

Richard Barta gave an explanation of the rates the association was offered at the Doublewood, the Comfort Inn and the Seven Seas for the October meeting. The Comfort Inn was the least expensive overall, however the meeting would have to be on October 22, 23 and 24 rather than the 23, 24 and 25. Gary Martinson recommended that we accept the Comfort Inn’s bid. Jim Weight made a motion to have the fall seminar at the Comfort Inn on the 22, 23 and 24. Bob Miller seconded. With no one in opposition, the motion was declared carried. Ron Strand reminded the association that on October 23 will be the retirement party and made a motion that the association pays for the retirees’ rooms. Chris Rose wanted the motion to include paying for Jerry Ratzlaff’s room also so he could attend and not pay out of his pocket. Ron Strand amended his motion to include Jerry Ratzlaff. Gary Klundt seconded. With no one in opposition the motion was declared carried.

New Business:
Next year’s March meeting is to be held in Fargo and a tentative subject is to have Ron Strand and Jerome Miller walk-through a plan review on a larger building going up in Fargo.

Chairman Lange wanted to do some kind of public relations campaign similar to the radio ads that ran last year. Ron Strand made a motion to spend $1600.00 over the entire state and have the regional representatives’ work through Doug Lalim on choosing a radio ad. Darrell Linnertz seconded. With no one in opposition, the motion was declared carried.

Mark Lange informed the general membership meeting attendees of the discussion held in the Executive Committee meeting. Ron Strand thought a web page a great idea. Jim Weight made a motion to fund the web page but not to exceed $1500.00. Perry Ronning seconded. With no one in opposition, the motion was declared carried.

Greg Johnson, ICBO Board liaison, informed the group that the cut-off date for code change submittals is May 15. They may be submitted to Attending Committee hearings is a good way to learn about the code changes proposed. November is tentatively set as the merger date with BOCA and SBCCI. If anyone wishes to run for board of directors your name needs to be put forward. The annual business meeting this year will be in Fort Worth at the end of September.

With no other business coming before the group Gary Martinson made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Jon Benz seconded. With no one in opposition, the motion was declared carried and the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted:
Christine Rose