October 6, 2008 General Membership Meeting

Meeting called to Order by Ray Z.

Roll Call – Chris Rose (Past President), Ray Ziegler (President), Bruce Taralson (Vice President), Todd Johnson (Secretary Treasure), Paul Arends
(NE Rep), Rich Barta (SW Rep), Gary Klundt (SE Rep), Darrel Zaback (At- Large), Ron Fettig (NW Rep)

Absent- None

Minutes of the March 18th, 2008 General Mtg. were passed out to everyone. Call for approval, Motion Darrell Z. to approve the minutes, Ray Z. 2nd, motion approved.

Treasures Report was read by Todd J. Call for approval, Motion by Rich B to approve treasures report, Paul A. 2nd, motion approved.

Education Committee Report- Bruce Taralson reported that possible topics for the spring meeting would be Special Inspections and the IMC. The Ed. Committee will discuss other topics.

Old Business- The location and dates were verified for the fall meeting. It will take place March 4, 5, &6 at the Sleep Inn in Minot, ND.

New Business- The location for the fall 2009 meeting was discussed. Bismarck will host the meeting Oct. 7, 8, & 9, 2009. No education topics have been choosen.

Greg Johnson reported that there was a good turnout for the ICC ABM in Minneapolis. He listed the new ICC Board of Directors also. Greg also discussed some notable code changes. One being sprinklers in one and two family dwellings, CO2 detectors in homes with attached garages, and twin homes having to be sprinkled. The IECC was also discussed. Greg reported on the progress of the Building Code Grant Act which could be up to $100 million. It has passed the House of Rep.

Discussion on a $1000 scholarship not used was held. A motion was made by Rich B. to donate the money to the ICC Host chapter of the 2008 ABM and 2nd by Bruce T. Motion approved.

Ray Z. spoke about the ABM and felt it was a good thing for members of the NDBOA to attend.

Don Offerdahl, of the NDSEB spoke about a few new code changes for the NEC.

Ray Z. brought up discussion on the ND State Plumbing Code. Ron S. commented on the NDBOA taking a stance on the IPC or UPC. A motion was made by Ron S. to have Ray Z write a letter to the ND State Plumbing Board stating the NDBOA supports the IPC 2nd Darrel Z. Motion approved.

The expiring terms of the NDBOA nominating committee were discussed. The NW region, SE region, and At-large are expiring. Motion by Rich B. to have Ron F. for the NW, Gary K. for the SE, and Darrel Z. for the at-large regions be nominated 2nd Paul A. Motion approved.

Cal Steiner spoke on the NDSBCA Hearings. This meeting is to take place in Bismarck in late October.

Correspondence and Announcements- Chris R spoke about the trade show and hospitality room.

Adjournment – Motion to adjourn Bruce T. 2nd Todd J. Motion approved

Respectfully Submitted
Todd Johnson
Secretary/ Treasure