March 18, 2008 General Membership Meeting

Meeting called to Order by Ray Z.

Roll Call – Chris Rose (Past President), Ray Ziegler (President), Bruce Taralson (Vice President), Todd Johnson (Secretary Treasure), Paul Arends
(NE Rep), Rich Barta (SW Rep), Gary Klundt (SE Rep), Darrel Zaback (At- Large)
Absent- Ron Fettig (NW Rep)

Minutes of the October 22, 2008 General Mtg. were passed out to everyone. Bruce T. noted two changes. Call for approval, Motion Mel Zent to approve the minutes, Bruce T. 2nd, motion approved.

Treasures Report was read by Todd J. Call for approval, Motion by Mark Housh to approve treasures report, Bruce T. 2nd, motion approved.

Education Committee Report- was addressed by Bruce. He stated the topics for the fall meeting in Fargo will be Fire Rated Construction and Accessibility.

Old Business- The location and dates were verified for the fall meeting. It will take place Oct. 6, 7, & 8 in Fargo.

New Business- The location for the spring 2009 meeting was discussed. Motion Darrel Z., Paul A. 2nd, to have spring 2009 meeting in Minot. Motion approved.
President of ICC Steve Shapiro spoke about many items. He noted ICC is working on a disaster response team which would work with FEMA in disaster situations. He also stressed the importance of funding for education for code officials. Steve also gave an update on how “Smart Codes” was developing. Steve spoke about the code hearings in Palm Springs, FL and said attending the final action hearings in Minneapolis would be a great learning experience for everyone. He also spoke on how ICC is trying to get Congress to pass a $100 million which could be used by jurisdictions. Steve also stressed individuals to apply for ICC committee’s.

Barbara Koffron an ICC Board Laison and a Fire Marshall from Phoenix, AZ was speaking in regards to the importance of training and also encouraged attendance at the final code hearings in Minneapolis.

Roger Axel, seminar speaker, discussed Capital Hill Days and how educating it was.

Cal Steiner discussed with NDBOA members if they felt the need for the state building code committee to meet this summer. Two items would be discussed Chapter 1 of the building Code and unheated buildings. Motion Rich B. Mel Zent 2nd requiring the ND State building code committee to meet the fall of 2008 to discuss those items. Motion approved.
Cal also introduced John Dean who will be working with Cal and eventually will take over the building code administration duties. NDBOA members welcomed him here.

Ray Z. spoke about an upcoming ADA seminar in Grand Forks in May. The ND State Department of Commerce is donating $1500 for the seminar and Cal stated it would be nice if the NDBOA would contribute $500. Motion Ron S., 2nd Darrel Z. to donate $500 for the ADA seminar to take place. Motion approved. Chris R. added the cost for the seminar would be around $30.

Ray also spoke about an annual budget for NDBOA. Bruce T. explained the process. Mel Z. questioned the legal aspect of doing this but also stated he was in favor if everything would be within IRS guidelines. Motion Mel Z. 2nd Paul A. to approve a yearly budget for 2009. Motion approved.

Ray continued in regards to endorsing Pat Parsley for ICC Board of Directors. Motion Darrel Z. 2nd Mel Z. to endorse Pat for ICC Board of Directors and pay for his mailings not to exceed $200. Motion approved.

Ray spoke on sending executive committed members to the Final code hearing in Minneapolis. Chris R. added she would like to see the NDBOA match the funding provided by the ND Dept Commerce which is $2000. Motion Ron S. 2nd Mel Z. to approve the executive committee to attend the Final code hearings in Minneapolis with the NDBOA providing funding of approximately $2000 which is in addition to the $2000 funding provided by State of ND. Motion approved.

Ray informed members that seminar fees will be raised $25 for both members and non-members.

Correspondence and Announcements- None

Adjournment – Motion to adjourn Darrel Z. 2nd Paul A. Motion approved.

Respectfully Submitted
Todd Johnson
Secretary/ Treasure