February 28, 2007 General Membership Meeting

Meeting called to order by Chris R.

Roll call- of Officers by Bruce. Present are:, Chris Rose (President), Ray Ziegler (Vice President), Bruce Taralson (Secretary/Treasurer), Paul Arends (NE rep), Darrel Zaback (At-large). Absent are: Mel Zent (Past President), Ron Fettig (NW Rep), Richard Barta (SW Rep), Gary Klundt (SE Rep)

Minutes of the October 4, 2006 General membership business meeting were passed out to everyone. Call for discussion or approval by Chris. No revisions, call for approval, Bob Miller motioned approval, Darrel Zaback 2nd, motion approved

Treasurer’s report was read by Bruce. Chris called for approval, Paul motioned approval, Darrel 2nd, motion approved

Old Business-
The fall election of Secretaries position was discussed. Any members that would like to be considered or know of anybody, let Chris know.

Web page updates were discussed. Ray will review the website for potential changes.

New Business-
Ray discussed the topics of the Fall/October seminar.

Membership was informed that Pins will be created by the Historical Committee.

Discussion on the upcoming ICC Annual Business Meeting which will be held in Rochester NY. All members are encouraged to attend if possible. Our President will be attending so anything should be brought to her attention if issues are needed to be brought up with ICC.

Chris discussed ICC Ad Hoc Committee. James Price is the Representative. Chris is advisory to Committee.

Committee Reports-
Public Relations Committee- no report

Code Development Committee- Ray stated a meeting was held by committee and they decided to use the committee to act as a clearing house for code changes. Bring ideas for code changes to the committee members.

Education Committee- Ron Strand gave a comprehensive report on Region III Education Committee and its training. Members on this committee are Dan Currand, Superior Wisconsin, Dave St Pierre, Rapid City, SD, Gary Yoder, Owattana, MN, Jeff Hardin, Altuna, Iowa and Parsley, Region III President. Ron had a handout on present activities which are; Brent Snyder Award, Training Opportunity Endorsement Guidelines and Self Evaluation (The past, present and the future).

Cal Steiner introduced himself. He is taking Rich Gray’s position. Cal discussed his position and his duties. He also handles mobile home/manufacture program which could be a subject of training. Cal discussed his tentative schedule for the adoption process. The form is also available on the website. For now, you need to print out the form for code changes and mail to Cal. They are working on a system to fill in change forms and email in. There was discussion and questions on the scheduling of the adoption of the building code. A copy of the schedule is attached to the end of these minutes. See attachment 1.

Historical Committee- No report

Correspondence and Announcements-
Chris discussed the 2008 ICC final code adoption hearing which will be in Minneapolis/St Paul and is the final hearing for the 2009 I-codes.

Discussion on next Spring/March meeting and location. Discussed Grand Forks or Dickinson and took a vote on location. Meeting will be held in Grand Forks. The dates will be approximately Mar 5,6 & 7th if possible to schedule facilities. Meeting will tentatively be on a Wednesday, with training Thursday and Friday. Some discussion on whether to hold training on Fridays or not but no changes made at this time. The Association will be providing 2 lunches.

Ron Strand gave an overview of the City of Fargo court case which was just finished. He suggested that everybody learn from this and that your jurisdiction can be brought into a court action.

Adjournment- Motion to adjourn by Ray, Darrell 2nd, motion carried.

Steve from Minnesota and Rita with ICC addressed the membership on code adoption process.

Respectfully submitted,
Bruce Taralson