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Spring, 2017 Meeting and Education Details

The spring gathering for 2017 will be held March 22-24, 2017 at the Baymont Inn and Suites in Fargo.  The Executive Board and General Membership Meetings will be held on the 22nd.

Thursday, March 23rd, features not only a class on the 2015 IFC and IBC fire protection systems provisions but that evening there will be a reception for the NDBOA building officials that retired in the previous year.

Friday will focus on the legal aspects of code administration.  Lunch will be provided both days.  Details and the registration form are attached below.

Spring 2017 Seminar Info
Spring 2017 Registration

March 18, 2015 General Membership Meeting Minutes

Meeting Called to order by Christine Rose

Roll Call: Christine Rose, President; Todd Johnson’ Past President; Steve Johnson, Vice President; Shawn Ouradnik, Secretary/Treasurer; Ron Fettig, (NW rep.); Doug Lalim, (SW Rep.); Gary Klundt, (SE Rep.); Darrel Zaback (At-Large); Scott Boura (NE Rep)

Absent: None

Minuets from September 10th in Fargo were distributed. Todd Johnson made a motion to accept minuets Darrel Zaback 2nd. Approved.

Treasurer’s Report:
Read by Shawn Ouradnik. Darrel Zaback made a motion to approve the treasurer’s report. Mark Lange 2nd. Approved

Education Committee Report:
A: Steve Johnson reported on Bismarck conference. Bismarck was a two day seminar on 2012 Performing Nonstructural Plan Reviews Presented by Michael Giachetti. Michael Giachetti will be replacing Doug Thornburg as instructor in Bismarck.

B: Fall training to be held in Medora; suggestions for the training were IRC preforming residential inspections, and town house inspections courses. Steve Johnson will look into classes and schedule.

C: Spring 2016 meeting to be held in Minot at the Sleep Inn in March 2-3-4 tentatively.

Legislative Committee:
Ray Ziegler reported a quiet session.

Historical Committee Report:
No Report. Discussion was had about the three horary memberships extended to Jim Weight, Rich Barta, and Darrel Linnertz

Mechanical Committee Report:
Darrel Zaback reported on meeting held on March 18th at ten o’clock in Comfort Suites meeting room. The group went over how to communicate between offices and how to administer the test. Most issues resolved. The need to have a permanent committee in place was discussed and committee members will be appointed by the president as needed according to the by laws. The test will be changed every code cycle and 3 tests for Journey Man status and 3 tests for Master status will be maintained. Administrative issues were tabled and will be resolved at a later meeting. Ray Ziegler did not get the last correspondence for the 10 o’clock meeting; this issue will be resolved for future meetings. The next meeting may be held in April in Jamestown.

ICC Rep:
Rick Hauffe ICC representative reported on his role in ICC. He has been giving presentations to city councils in his area to stress the importance of codes. Reported that May is building safety month. Rich Hauffe also stressed his desire to have the NDBOA draft a proclamation about the need for codes and deliver it to our Governor. South Dakota code adoption process was discussed. ICC will be putting out a new book on solar power. Mel Zent asked Rick about the 2015 IECC and its amendments. Rich answered that 75% of what was wanted in the 2015 code was adopted and this may cut cost for builders. He expressed the opinion that the 2015 codes are being billed as a breakthrough.

State of ND Rep:
Bruce Hagen discussed upcoming manufactured home training in March, April, and May and by the end of May all installers/inspectors should be reported, currently the state has 162 licensed installers and 32 licensed inspectors. He reported that the state’s first case of installing without a license was reported and investigated with further action to take place. Mel Zent commented that a decline in numbers for installations was trending. Code adoption was discussed and Bruce went over the process of code adoption with a time line.

Amendments can be submitted until the public hearing in July. The state then holds and adoption meeting in September, with an adoption date of January 1 2017. The location of the meeting has yet to be determined. New Mexico has applied to be a member of the third party inspection group. Inspectors are to let Bruce know of any issues with labels on mobile homes.

HBA Executive Officer:
Dot Frank the Bismarck/Mandan HBA addressed the group. She handed out a information packet for electronic voting for the ICC. She spoke on the needs of municipalities to get involved in the electronic voting. She expressed her appreciation to the NDBOA for allowing her to speak and working with the HBA. She also expressed that 25% of the cost of a home is due to codes and how it is important for code enforcers to effect change.

Old Business:
A: Steve Johnson reported on Bismarck conference. Bismarck was a two day seminar on 2012 Performing Nonstructural Plan Reviews Presented by Michael Giachetti. Michael Giachetti will be replacing Doug Thornburg as instructor in Bismarck.

B: Shawn Ouradnik reported on the current mailing list and seminar numbers. On the mailing list we have 408 people, 124 paid and in good standing, 55 attending the conference in Bismarck. The group will look into the returned invitations from the post office and see if the group ion the general meeting can give information on individuals that were supposed to receive them and update the mailing list.

New Business:
A: Christine Rose and Steve Johnson will look into promotional items such as shirts, vests, or other items. The allowance went up from $2000 to $2500.

B: NDBOA scholarships for local NDBOA were discussed and the group decided to put the information on the website for any jurisdiction that may want to apply. Scholarship would include seminar dues and year membership.

C: High School scholarship discussion was had. Two students applied for scholarship; Garret Goldwater and Haley Hugelen, both to be awarded $1000 for trade school. Group will publicize it in local papers. New scholarship for 2016-17 school year will be discussed latter.

D: The application for the ICC scholarship for the ABM will be on the website and all applications need to be in by July 1st.

J: Spring 2016 meeting proposed to be in Minot at the Sleep Inn, Darrel Zaback is going to look into booking.

Correspondence and Announcements:

Mel Zent moved for adjournment, Darrel Zaback 2nd, motion approved.

September 10, 2014 General Membership Meeting Minutes

September 10, 2014 Fargo ND

Meeting Called to order by Christine Rose

Roll Call: Christine Rose, President; Todd Johnson’ Past President; Steve Johnson, Vice President; Shawn Ouradnik, Secretary/Treasurer; Ron Fettig, (NW rep.); Doug Lalim, (SW Rep.); Gary Klundt, (SE Rep.); Darrel Zaback (At-Large); Scott Boura (NE Rep)

Absent: All Present

Minuets from July 30, 2014, were distributed. Upon review some mistakes were caught and need to be changed: Change high school scholarship amount from $2500 to $2000, change the number of scholarships from 1 to 2, and use last names in minutes. Motion by Todd Johnson to approve with changes, Second Steve Johnson. Motion passed

Treasurer’s Report: Read by Shawn Ouradnik. Shawn is to check figures and resubmit. Motion by Mark Housh to approve, second Shawn Ouradnik. Motion passed

Education Committee Report:
A: Fall seminar in Fargo on September 11th and 12 to be Legal aspects and Ethics for Building Departments and IBC Advanced Means of Egress with Steve Thomas as instructor for both days.

B: 2015 spring seminar to be held in Bismarck on March 18, 19, and 20 with a 2 day course on Non Structural Plan Reviews. Doug Thornberg is to be the instructor.

C: 2015 fall seminar location to be on western end of state. Possible locations are Minot, Dickinson, or Medora. Possible topics to be 2015 Significant Changes and Steve Johnson to look into locations. Mel Zent expressed sentiment and interest in seminar being held in Dickinson, and explained that Medora would have limited possibilities at if the seminar was to be held in mid to late September.

Legislative Committee: No Report Christine Rose is to ask Ray Zeigler to be chair of legislative committee.

Historical Committee Report: Discussion on Lifetime Honorary memberships Richard Barta, Darrell Linnertz and Jim Weight to be permanent. Todd Johnson
made a motion to make Richard Barta, Darrell Linnertz and Jim Weight Lifetime Honorary memberships permanent, 2nd from Darrel Zaback. Motion passed

Region III Rep: Rick Hauffe spoke and thanked NDBOA for having him to the meeting. He also congratulated the chapter on having the first High School Outreach program for the chapter. He discussed how the aging of our current building code enforcement officials was going to affect the building departments and how it could be addressed in the future. He discussed the Annual Business Meeting (ABM) in Fort Lauderdale Florida on September 27 to October 5. The Region III meet and greet is to be held at the Bimini Boat House in Fort Lauderdale and gave a breakdown of the structure of the meetings for the ABM. He explained the CDP access voting and how it will potentially work and that it could be done. He then discussed current ICC business to the grope. Ron Fettig made comments on the future process of code adoption and expresses his concern on moving to a six year cycle. Mel Zent commented that the National Home Builders Association would be in favor of a six year cycle. Ron Fettig also asked about the general outcome of ICC discussions on code cycles. Richard Hauffe informed us that the ICC is looking into many ways to addresses the code cycles and no decision has been made at this time.

State of ND Rep: Bruce Hagen not in attendance Rory Hoffman gave report in Bruce’s place. Bruce Hagen will have a conference call with the ND Advisory Committee in late September, if any questions or comments are to be made pleas get them to Bruce as soon as possible. The conflict between the ICC Annual Business Meeting and the conference call was brought to everyone’s attention and may complicate the participation in the call. Rory Hoffman also commented that new mobile homes need to be approved by licensed inspector and set up by licensed installers. All the required information is on the state website.

Old Business: A: Todd Johnson spoke about the Mechanical Committee and recommended that the committee members are forever unless they need or want to be taken off. Darrel Zaback is to be the chair. The committee held a meeting on September 10 at 11:00 am to discuss what the test will include as well as how to address continuing education.

New Business: A: The promotional binders were given out at the seminar on September 11 and 12.

B: 3 positions to expire in December of 2014.Will allow the current representatives from the North West, South East, and the At-Large to renew terms. Ron Fettig, representing the nominating committee, nominated NW Gary Klundt, (SE Rep.) 2 year position Shawn Ouradnik made a motion to accept Todd Johnson second motion passed, Darrel Zaback (At-Large) 1 year position, Scott Boura made a motion to accept and Steve Johnson second motion passed. Ron Fettig, (NW rep.) 2 year position, Todd Johnson made a motion to accept Mel Zent second motion passed

C: 2015 seminars to be held in Bismarck on March 18, 19, & 20. Doug Thornburg will be the instructor for the two day course on the IBC Nonstructural plans review. A block of rooms at the Comfort Inn in Bismarck has been set aside and the meeting rooms have been booked. Food needs to be looked into and Doug Lalim was asked to do so.

D: Web site needs to be updated. Shawn Ouradnik will get the minutes and Bismarck information to Christine Rose to give to the web administrator as soon as possible.

E: Invitations will need to be mailed out in early January to meet 8 week deadline.

F:The ABM scholarships were awarded to Brady Blaskowski and Todd Johnson.

G: Christine Rose discussed High school outreach program. We will offer two $1000 scholarships to or we will combine the two scholarships into one $2000 scholarship, to be used for trade collage.

H: John Gunkleman Sate Representative for the National Home Builders Association Executive Board addressed the group. He discussed CDP voting and how the NHBA could help in the processes. Gave a handout to the group on the ICC code development process. Ron Fettig expressed concern with the six year cycle for code adoption. Rick Hauffe commented on how the code adoption process works in North Dakota with respect to other states.

Correspondence and Announcements:

Adjournment: Motion to adjourn from Todd Johnson second from Bruce Taralson.
Meeting adjourned.

April 2, 2014 General Membership Meeting

Meeting Called to order by Christine Rose

Roll Call: Christine Rose, President; Todd Johnson’ Past President; Steve Johnson, Vice President; Shawn Ouradnik, Secretary/Treasurer; Ron Fettig, (NW rep.); Doug Lalim, (SW Rep.); Gary Klundt, (SE Rep.); Darrel Zaback (At-Large)

Absent: Scott Boura (NE Rep)

Minuets from Sep 18, 2013, were distributed. Motion by Todd Johnson to approve, second Shawn Ouradnik

Treasurer’s Report: Read by Shawn Ouradnik Motion by Darrel Zaback to approve, Second Steve Johnson

Education Committee Report: Steve discussion about 2014 fall meeting to be in Fargo Sep 10, 11, 12 with topics to be Legal aspects and Means of Egress. Location on western side of state for future seminars to be discussed later. Minot tentative dates to be Sep. 16, 17, 18 2015 March 2015 possible in Bismarck. Christine discussed the high school outreach program to be held in Fargo on September 11 with possibility of more possibly in Jamestown or Minot.

Legislative Committee: Discussion on allowing Ray Zigler to be part of committee again after becoming Building Official of Burleigh County.

Historical Committee Report: No Report

Region III Rep: Not in Attendance

ICC Rep: Not in Attendance

State of ND Rep: Bruce discussed manufactured homes in McKenzie County, may need stickers specific to county.

Old Business:
A: Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association addressed group to inquire about mechanical reciprocal license. Discussion on forming state boards for building and mechanical licensing, decided to keep it more local and uniform. Nominations for Mechanical licensing committee to be e-mailed to Christine.

New Business:
A: Shawn needs to look into promotional items for group.
B: 2014 fall meeting to be in Fargo Sep 10, 11, 12 with topics to be Legal aspects and Means of Egress. Christine discussed the high school outreach program to be held in Fargo on September 11 with possibility of more possibly in Jamestown or Minot. Scholarship per student to be $2500. Ron made a motion for NDBOA to offer $1000 standalone scholarship for students going into building related field of study.

C: Membership numbers were presented by Shawn. In-good-standing 119 attending seminar in Grand Forks 37

D: Scholarships for ICC annual meeting in Fort Lauderdale Florida discussed. Will offer 2 scholarships that will cover travel, hotel, registration, and a reimbursement for expenses (per deium). Applicants need to apply for ICC scholarship to qualify for NDBOA scholarship.

E: Need to get new Region III rep. will descuss at later date.

F: NDBOA purchase 5 IRC and 5IBC code books to sell for cost. IRC-89.60 IBC-$97.60

F: Group discussed case study for snow load in Beulah to be #40.

Adjournment: Motion by Christine Rose second by Shawn Ouradnik

September 18, 2013 General Membership Meeting Minutes

September 18, 2013, Bismarck, ND

Meeting called to order by Todd Johnson, President.

Roll Call: Todd Johnson, President; Bruce Taralson, Past President; Christine Rose, Vice President; Steve Johnson, Secretary/Treasurer; Ron Fettig (NW Rep); Doug Lalim (SW Rep); Gary Klundt (SE Rep);

Absent: Darrel Zaback (At Large); Scott Boura (NE Rep);

Minutes from March 6, 2013, were reviewed. Motion by Todd J. to approve, seconded by Bob Miller.

Treasurer’s Report: Read by Steve J. Motion by Bruce T. to approve, seconded by Mark Housh.

Education Committee Report: Chris Rose reported that the 2014 spring seminar will be in Grand Forks on April 2, 3 and 4 at the C’Mon Inn. Topics will be Assembly and Institutional occupancies for the 2012 code.

Legislative Committee Report: Todd J. reported that Ray Ziegler has retired. Doug Lalim may assume the position of chairman if Ray Z. decides not to continue. Todd Johnson reported that HB 1460 did not pass. It may be reintroduced for 2015 code adoption during the next legislative session in 2015. The NDBOA should prepare to defeat this bill at that time.

Historical Committee Report: A retirement party for Rich Barta, Darrel Linnertz and James Waite will be held at the Ramada Inn on Thursday with a social at 6 p.m. followed by dinner at 6:45 p.m.

Region III Rep: Pat Parsley, the representative, was not in attendance

ICC Government Relations Rep: Rick Hauffe discussed the annual business meeting to be held in New Jersey which will conduct group B code hearings. He discussed the high school technical program. ICC members will be able to vote remotely on code changes through the website, and he outlined a code development process for the future. Rick discussed the six year code cycle adoption process and how it would be a step back for everyone. The ICC strongly opposes that process since technology is moving too fast for a six year code cycle. Changing trends would not allow the code to be changed once every six years. Rick discussed Agenda 21 relative to green codes and asked that members contact him if they have any information regarding this.

State of ND Rep: Bruce Hagen stated that the final state building code with amendments will be available online. The effective date of the state building code will be January 1, 2014. The energy code has not changed from 2009. Bruce also discussed the state providing training for mechanical contractors and inspectors on weatherization and energy code provisions at no cost. Contact Bruce for further information.

Bruce will provide better notification of the hearings and announcements in the future. Jerome Miller stated that more input from other jurisdictions on code amendments would be helpful.

Old Business:
A. Bismarck seminar topics are the Energy code and IRC framing.
B. The 2014 spring meeting will be in Grand Forks on April 2, 3 and 4 at the C’Mon Inn. Seminar topics will be Assembly and Institutional occupancies.
C. The 2014 fall meeting will be in Fargo on September 10, 11, 12 at the Doublewod Inn. Possible topics discussed were Accessibility, Administrative issues and Existing Building Codes.

New Business:
A. Legislative Committee Chair: Ray Ziegler will remain the chair if interested.
B. Blinki pins will be distributed at the seminar by Chris Rose.
C. The nominating committee nominated Shawn Ouradnik as NDBOA Secretary/Treasurer and Todd Johnson called for a motion to vote on the nominee. Motion passed unanimously.
D. Todd Johnson called for nominations for the NDBOA executive committee. Nominees Darrell Zaback (at large), Scott Boura (Ne Rep) and Doug Lalim (SW rep) were nominated. Motion by Chris Rose, seconded by Bob Miller. Motion passed unanimously. Todd Johnson called for nominations for president and vice president. Chris Rose was nominated as president and Steve Johnson was nominated as vice president. Motion by Jerome Miller, seconded by Bruce Taralson. Motion passed unanimously.
E. Legislative action. HB 1460 prohibits building officials from being involved in the code adoption process. NDBOA needs to prepare to defeat the bill if reintroduced in the 2015 legislative session.
F. Website to be updated as needed.
G. Membership forms are being updated.
H. The ICC annual business meeting attendees will be Todd Johnson, Chris Rose and Shawn Ouradnik.
I. Chris Rose will appoint someone to the Region III Code Development Committee.

Correspondence and Announcements: None.

Adjournment: Motion by Chris Rose., seconded by Doug Lalim.


Steve Johnson

March 7, 2012 General Membership Meeting

Meeting called to order by Todd Johnson, President.

Roll Call:  Todd Johnson, President; Steve Johnson, Secretary/Treasurer; Paul Arends (NE Rep); Ron Fettig (NW Rep); Richard Barta (SW Rep); Darrel Zaback (At Large);  Bruce Hagen (ND Dept. of Commerce); Ray Ziegler, Past President.

Absent:  Bruce Taralson, Past President; Chris Johnson, Vice President; Gary Klundt (SE Rep).

Minutes from October 5, 2011, were reviewed.  Motion by Rich Barta to approve, seconded by Darrel Zaback

Treasurer’s Report:  Read by Steve Johnson.  Motion by Ray Ziegler to approve, seconded by Paul A.

Education Committee Report:  Fall meeting will be at the Fargo Doublewood Inn on October 3-5, 2012. Best possible topic is 2012 building code updates since the Building code hearings will begin in March 2013.

Legislative Committee Report:  Ray Ziegler distributed proposed amendments to the state building code allowing cities and counties to administer and enforce state building codes and plumbing and electrical inspections within their jurisdictions, and requested everyone review and comment.

History Committee Report:  Bruce Taralson is to prepare a list of honorary members for review so they can be listed on the website.

State of ND Rep:  Bruce Hagen will send an e-mail update on rule changes of the legislative process of the building code adoption.   Ron Strand discussed two meetings that ICC will have for code adoption hearings.  One is in Dallas in May and the other is in Portland in October.  He recommended that someone try to attend as this will be invaluable information.

Old Business:  Grand Forks seminar topic will be Non-Structural Fire and Life Safety.  Fargo seminar meeting will be held at Doublewood Inn in October 2012.  Possible topic will be 2012 building code updates.  The 2013 spring meeting will be held in Minot at the Sleep Inn on March 6-8.  Possible topics to be determined.

Membership Dues:  Raising membership dues and By-Law changes were discussed by Ron Strand of Fargo with concern that there should not be a date to raise membership fees.  This will be discussed further at the summer 2012 meeting.

New Business:  May is Building Safety Month.

Region III Correspondence:  ICC meeting was held in Chaska, MN.  Twenty-five classes are listed on the web site.  One free day of classroom training will be available.

NDBOA Promotions:  Steve Johnson will look into new NDBOA promotional items.  Possible items include metal coffee mugs.

NDBOA Informational Handout:  Todd Johnson will work on updating the handout.

Fall Meeting 2012 Trade Show:  May be coordinated with Chris Rose.

Correspondence and Announcements:  Ray Ziegler thanked Bev Collings of Grand Forks for providing handouts and information on flood-related items.

Adjournment:  Motion by Rich Barta, seconded by Darrel Zaback.

Steve Johnson

October 5, 2011 General Membership Meeting

Meeting called to order by Bruce Taralson

Roll Call – Ray Ziegler (Past President), Bruce Taralson (President), Todd Johnson (Vice President), Chris Johnson (Secretary/Treasure), Paul Arends (NE Rep), Ron Fettig (NW Rep), Richard Barta (SW Rep), Darrel Zaback (At Large), Gary Klundt(SE Rep)

Also Present: Richard Haufe (ICC Representative)

Minutes from March 2011 passed out – Richard B. – 1st / Darrel Z. – 2nd App.


  • Treasures Report: read by Chris J. – Mark – 1st / Todd J. – 2nd

Committee Reports:

  • Education Committee – March 2012 seminars were discussed, location to be held in Grand Forks, ND (Come On Inn)
  • Day One: Zoning Issues
    Day Two: Nonstructural / Fire & Life Safety Issues

  • Legislative Committee: None at this time.
  • Historical Committee: There was discussion on recognition of building inspectors/officials retiring from the trade. Mel Zent – Chair
  • Code Committee: None at this time.
  • Region III: None at this time.
  • ICC Rep: New ICC representative Richard Haufe, Regional Manager and Professional Liaison for the NDBOA. Introduction.
  • State of North Dakota Rep Bruce Hagan updates on the Energy code and enforcement being done in the state. He also discussed 3rd-party inspections on Mobile Home Housing, some being brought in w/out inspections. Jurisdictions to be on the look out for these.

Old Business – Fall meeting of 2011 in Bismarck, ND October 5th – 7th

  • Seminars to include, at the fall October 2011 meeting, Accessibility and IRC Multifamily Construction
  • Spring meeting of 2012 will be held in Grand Forks, ND. No topics have been decided at this time. Will be posted on our web page at a later date. ndboa.org.
  • Membership dues: Will be sent out in January 2012 for the year. Dues received by March 1stwill be 30 dollars and any received after that will be 50 dollars.
  • All committees will be looked at and updated to have more involvement from the committee members.

New Business:

  • Promotional Items: Vest and Cuzis were handed out at the October, 2011 seminar to those who attended. Polos with NDBOA logo on them was determined to be the next promotional item to be ordered.
  • New Officers: Richard Haufe (ICC Rep) handed out pins for president (Bruce Taralson) and Past President (Ray Ziegler). Also, handed out were NDBOA plaques for the current officers. New officers were voted in at this time also: President – Todd Johnson, Vice President – Chris Johnson, Secretary/Treasurer – Steve Johnson, Bruce Taralson become the current Past President
  • Legislative Actions: Bruce Hagan from the North Dakota Department of Commerce will put the NDBOA on an email list that will be distributed our prior to the bills being voted on. This will give members more time to stay current on what bills are being voted on and discussed at the legislative hearings. There needs to be more activity on the Legislative Committee.
  • Website: Officers need to become more involved in the use and updates on the website. Use it more for promoting our association.
  • Fall Meeting October 2012 to be held in Fargo.  Tradeshow to be put on by Christine Rose.
  • ICC Grant to ABM: Bruce Taralson was selected from the ICC to receive a grant to the 2011 ABM in Arizona. The NDBOA has also decided to pay for 4 members to go to the annual code adoption committees.

Chris Johnson